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2012 Election Predictions?
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Re: 2012 Election Predictions?

cyberpainter wrote:
I think our hito would like to be a dictator. ;)

An arrogant diatribe about these pesky poor people, who ruin democracy along with all the other people who just aren't expert enough to see their folly. Humans are such idiots, he says, why can't experts modeled after my own view run the world!

Stop pontificating like you are in court. Why respond in the 3rd person?

"Ladies and gentlemen of the forum, I now present to you a disingenuous straw man version of a discussion my democrat convention education cannot possibly grasp. But I call on your ignorance to enable me to prove that stupidity and the catch-cry 'democracy' are more powerful than an analysis that could not be covered in 10 seconds of Fox News. I present to you, exhibit A: my inane diatribe that engages with a few choice words from another complex thought. I remind you to take note of my personal attack on a discussion in which I will assume the voice of somebody who is not actually addressing my perceived 'opponent'"

You're idiotic reply demonstrates an inability to engage in serious debate. The fact that you even engage in debate with Slushy indicates that your intellect is one of the commercial TV variety. I spoke nothing of specifically following my world view other than to say that there would be something dictatorial in simply imposing another paradigm. I spoke only of poor people through a paradigm and not through your straw man. Your juvenile reply demonstrates exactly my point. Thank you for proving that status quo ignorance is overwhelmingly nauseating. You are the contented middle that rides high on the false hopes of democracy. Your Mills and Boon reply to my Jane Austen demonstrates exactly why slow evolution will happen for the very women you claim to care about. Next time, get an education and read my post before posting your "party of five" philosophy.

Nov 04, 2012, 12:33


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