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2012 Election Predictions?
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Re: 2012 Election Predictions?

matthew6 wrote:
hito wrote:
Democracy is a bad idea.

The most prosperous nations in human history are democracies.

So what? Go back and read what I wrote instead of arguing against a point that I conceded.

My point was exactly about prosperity and it's impact on people's decisions. People who prosper are often conservative to a fault. Prosperity is not in itself a good thing.

If prosperity comes to the detriment of the environment then something needs to change (IMO, as I already said). If people are prosperous in a system where some people are guaranteed to be ignorant hicks, something needs to change (IMO, as I already said). Read my post instead of tweeting something that the CEO of Kelloggs would after moving his business offshore to "democratic" India.

Nov 04, 2012, 12:43


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