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2012 Election Predictions?
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Re: 2012 Election Predictions?

hito wrote:

But I hardly think cyberpainter attempted to respond in anything but an abusive way, Kazak. It astounds me the support she gets when her post was simply a personal insult in response to something that I said that did not personally attack anyone. Obviously other people have different boundaries when it comes to loyalty to friends. I cannot see myself ever supporting a friend who simply sets out to insult somebody else. I realise there are many forumites who disagree with this and will support cyberpainter no matter what bullying she comes up with. Nobody could justify her reply, not even cyberpainter herself and yet she gets off scot free and I get the jeers. Well, each to their own.

My original comments to you were not bullying nor were they abusive, totally ridiculous. You mentioned the word snarky, which might be more apt. You did notice the wink? A person like you can't begin to make yourself look like a victim to anyone here. You've burned too many bridges.

I was responding to your generalizations about the poor. The lives lived by some growing up in poverty, which frequently includes abuse which is not easy to overcome, makes your broad strokes about them being lazy very debatable. I'm an educator and have seen how hard it is to reach kids who have to go home to abusive lives.

But your repeated comments over a couple threads about me being dumb, and who knows what other nasty insults you hurled at me, make me in no way interested in having more interaction with you. Way too unpleasant.

Nov 05, 2012, 09:45


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