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2012 Election Predictions?
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Re: 2012 Election Predictions?

cyberpainter wrote:
hito wrote:

But I hardly think cyberpainter attempted to respond in anything but an abusive way, Kazak. It astounds me the support she gets when her post was simply a personal insult in response to something that I said that did not personally attack anyone. Obviously other people have different boundaries when it comes to loyalty to friends. I cannot see myself ever supporting a friend who simply sets out to insult somebody else. I realise there are many forumites who disagree with this and will support cyberpainter no matter what bullying she comes up with. Nobody could justify her reply, not even cyberpainter herself and yet she gets off scot free and I get the jeers. Well, each to their own.

My original comments to you were not bullying nor were they abusive, totally ridiculous. You mentioned the word snarky, which might be more apt. You did notice the wink? A person like you can't begin to make yourself look like a victim to anyone here. You've burned too many bridges.

I was responding to your generalizations about the poor. The lives lived by some growing up in poverty, which frequently includes abuse which is not easy to overcome, makes your broad strokes about them being lazy very debatable. I'm an educator and have seen how hard it is to reach kids who have to go home to abusive lives.

But your repeated comments over a couple threads about me being dumb, and who knows what other nasty insults you hurled at me, make me in no way interested in having more interaction with you. Way too unpleasant.

To say I am somebody who has "burnt bridges" and then claim that calling me "arrogant", a "dictator" and sarcastically reduce my extensive discussion to an anti-poor "diatribe" was all done with a wink shows that either:

a) you are dumb enough to taunt a villain

b) you think that I am dumb enough to accept your lame excuse for starting a fight.

The fact is that you started this latest round of crap. There was no reason for you to speak to me like that, you could have avoided it but you chose not to. Even if you think I am the worst person in the world, there is no excuse for you speaking to me that way as I had said nothing nasty to you in recent memory. So will you apologise? Of course not.

And if once again you want to bring up the time I "attacked" you by juxtaposing two contradictory things that you said, please don't. Every single time you do that, I ask you to justify your sob story and every time you neglect to do so because the only thing you can complain about is the fact that I posted it, not the hypocritical content provided from your own posts.

And other than that, who have I burnt bridges with? The forums resident bully, who is after all, just an alternate name used by you. So I have burnt bridges with you as rael and cyberpainter? I couldn't care less because both of you were the first ones to start a fight with me.

You were the first one to bully me and then I hit back again and again and repeatedly exposed your idiocy and hypocrisy. The same for your rael pseudonym. Time and again you have chimed in with some negative remark against BOTE or velvet water or JS or Icepulse or many others who quit the forum to escape your repeated attacks. And if you aren't rael, explain why you never disagree with a word he says, never chastise him when he attacks others? Either you support his bullying or you yourself are him, the bully (which makes sense given that you bully me)

As for your remark about the poor, I agree that there are all sorts of reasons for some (note that I specifically said not all in my original post) poor people being the way they are, including lazy. I understand that the cycle of drug addiction, unemployment, violence and whatnot explain why some poorer people struggle. If I did not make this point apparent enough, I apologise but I think that my intent was clearly there. My point was that under the current paradigm, these "damaged" people are too damaged and the solutions are either not there or unpalatable.

Furthermore, I explained that the elite group's rationale for maintaining a poor group is that:
- the majority have it very good, including very greedy rich people who keep getting richer.
- ignorance is preferable to political agitation.

If you are indeed an educator, I hope you have understood what I have said. I hope you understand that I have no more reason to blame poor people for the ills of the world than I do the rich. I hope you understand that it was most unpleasant of you to respond to something I said with nasty remarks, especially given our history.

But if you are truly an educator, I hope the next time somebody comes to you and says they were bullied, you don't say:

"(Those) comments to you were not bullying nor were they abusive, totally ridiculous."

Because I can tell you that you have no right to tell anybody else how they should perceive words like the ones you used. Moreover, the phrase:

"My original comments to you were not bullying nor were they abusive, totally ridiculous".

Is itself - without doubt - abusive bullying.

Nov 05, 2012, 12:41


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