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Lab songs that you don't particularly care for
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Re: Lab songs that you don't particularly care for

"Calimero" is a great track. Musically it is amongst my very favourite 'lab songs, and although I'm not really a huge fan of Bridgette Fontaine's own material I think her voice suits perfectly in this collaboration.

I also like the Super Furry Animals song of the same name, which coincidentally sounds quite a bit 'labbish (the riff seems very close to noise of carpet or something)?

Calimero by Super Furry Animals on Grooveshark

Some fun Calimero facts (from wikipedia)

Stereolab version:
The lyrics in French say "Je suis Caliméro, le vilain poussin noir"
("I'm Calimero, the naughty black chicken")

SFA version:
The lyrics in Welsh say "Calimero wyt ti'n gwisgo wy ar dy ben"
("Calimero you're wearing an egg on your head")

The slang nickname during the 1970s-1980s for military policemen in the Israeli Army was Calimero, due to their egg-shaped white helmet; the same was the case in Spain.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, the term "Calimero complex" is used to denote someone who thinks the world is against them because they are an underdog; often the character's lines from the show are cited, "They are big and I is [sic] small and that is not fair, oh no!" (translated back from the Dutch, with intentional error).[4] Similar in Slovenia word "Calimero" is still (~ 30 years after last national TV airing) used to call someone who thinks the world is against him because he is an underdog "He is such a Calimero" or "Don't be such a Calimero".

Nov 14, 2012, 22:28


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