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Alternatives to itunes
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Squirrel M. Nutter
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Re: Alternatives to itunes

hito wrote:

I think that your allegation is a bit tough given that my thread started with a request for an alternative. I genuinely would like to buy music but I fail to see how I can do so other than submitting to a monopoly. Whilst I realise that I am compromised either way, it is not as simple as saying I am amoral or immoral.

I am not asking anyone's permission to be a "thief" as I will do what I like regardless of what anyone here tells me to do or condones. It is all well and good to tell me to go without but I don't see why I should given the means exist for me not to. My view is that the industry must keep pace with the technology.

And for those who are throwing mud at my common theft, please follow this post stating that you:

never recorded TV programs
never taped albums or burnt CDs
never "exchanged" or "lent" any of your CDs or DVDs
have no illegally downloaded music, movies or TV programs
never purchased or watched any pirated movies
never used a milk crate to store or carry anything
never listened to music that illegally sampled other artists
Never enjoyed Stereolab tracks that plagiarise of other artists and paradoxically never joined this forum in protest

because if you ever did it, you too are a "criminal" (of course, this is ridiculous)

I would also like to see how many people are willing to say that they too illegally download music and see whether they too are called a thief.

It is sad that another impersonal thread by me has descended into people calling me names and suggesting I am being duplicitous when I have denied nothing.

It's nothing personal, people who steal are called thieves. That's true for everyone. And no one is asking permission to call you out as a thief, they are going to do it regardless.

hito wrote:

It is also a shame that nobody calls people out for being aggressive about something that has no personal bearing on their health and wellbeing

Oh, that's rich, coming from the guy who is always being aggressive on behalf of velvetwater and bote, even though it has no personal bearing your health or wellbeing. It's different when you do it, right?

"Hypocrisy will eventually come unstuck," as someone one said...

Nov 23, 2012, 19:53


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