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Alternatives to itunes
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Re: Alternatives to itunes

hito wrote:

a) never recorded TV programs
b) never taped albums or burnt CDs
c) never "exchanged" or "lent" any of your CDs or DVDs
d) have no illegally downloaded music, movies or TV programs
e) never purchased or watched any pirated movies
f) never used a milk crate to store or carry anything
g) never listened to music that illegally sampled other artists
h)) Never enjoyed Stereolab tracks that plagiarise of other artists and paradoxically never joined this forum in protest

In the UK
a) Don't need to, there's iPlayer - there is, nevertheless, an 'acceptable use' policy that includes not showing in Public, not selling etc. We also have a television license and sponsored independents. But life is too short to think that something has to be recorded because one's real life gets in the way of watching it, jeez.

b) Given that the original album or cd is kept and not sold, a copy is 'allowed' for playing in the car, though not for selling etc But, as above, life's too short.

c) Nope, never. I've had some touchy looks off people expecting to borrow something from me but, screw em, they've enough money, buy the stuff yourself, it keeps things going round.

d) None whatsoever, don't touch them.

e) I accidentally watched the first 7 or 8 minutes of a friend of a friend's pirated Star Wars TESB VHS in 1980, it was shite, went home.

f) WTF are you talking about? We have houses to store things here in the UK and the wheel was introduced quite some time ago; you use milk crates to carry things in Oz, do you? If on the rare occasion a milk crate is seen then it's seen with milk bottles in it.

g) By law no legitimate recording artiste is allowed to sample another artiste without going via the appropriate channels/procedure. Simple.

h) Stereolab do not plagiarise other artistes, nor do they try to 'pass-off' the work of others as being their own, there is strong influence, plagiarism is something else entirely. Many artistes' careers have been restarted or re-discovered thanks to Stereolab. And, finally, you haven't read many of my posts re illegal downloading etc, have you?

It's interesting that you believe that you have called a 'check mate' scenario based upon your own ethical list. I know many people that can say 'no' to all the things in your list, yet you obviously believe that this wouldn't be the case - I'd take a close look at your environment. It says more about you than me, especially when in black and white (pink), you state that you will have no other choice but to steal it.

Dec 09, 2012, 22:05


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