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Alternatives to itunes
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Re: Alternatives to itunes

revox wrote:
hito wrote:

a) never recorded TV programs
b) never taped albums or burnt CDs
c) never "exchanged" or "lent" any of your CDs or DVDs
d) have no illegally downloaded music, movies or TV programs
e) never purchased or watched any pirated movies
f) never used a milk crate to store or carry anything
g) never listened to music that illegally sampled other artists
h)) Never enjoyed Stereolab tracks that plagiarise of other artists and paradoxically never joined this forum in protest

In the UK
a) Don't need to, there's iPlayer - there is, nevertheless, an 'acceptable use' policy that includes not showing in Public, not selling etc. We also have a television license and sponsored independents. But life is too short to think that something has to be recorded because one's real life gets in the way of watching it, jeez.

b) Given that the original album or cd is kept and not sold, a copy is 'allowed' for playing in the car, though not for selling etc But, as above, life's too short.

c) Nope, never. I've had some touchy looks off people expecting to borrow something from me but, screw em, they've enough money, buy the stuff yourself, it keeps things going round.

d) None whatsoever, don't touch them.

e) I accidentally watched the first 7 or 8 minutes of a friend of a friend's pirated Star Wars TESB VHS in 1980, it was shite, went home.

f) WTF are you talking about? We have houses to store things here in the UK and the wheel was introduced quite some time ago; you use milk crates to carry things in Oz, do you? If on the rare occasion a milk crate is seen then it's seen with milk bottles in it.

g) By law no legitimate recording artiste is allowed to sample another artiste without going via the appropriate channels/procedure. Simple.

h) Stereolab do not plagiarise other artistes, nor do they try to 'pass-off' the work of others as being their own, there is strong influence, plagiarism is something else entirely. Many artistes' careers have been restarted or re-discovered thanks to Stereolab. And, finally, you haven't read many of my posts re illegal downloading etc, have you?

It's interesting that you believe that you have called a 'check mate' scenario based upon your own ethical list. I know many people that can say 'no' to all the things in your list, yet you obviously believe that this wouldn't be the case - I'd take a close look at your environment. It says more about you than me, especially when in black and white (pink), you state that you will have no other choice but to steal it.

You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din. In fact, you know many better people. I congratulate you on your ethics and on keeping such impeccable company. I certainly could not claim to know anyone so good, not even my Grandma who never swears and generally keeps everything nice. For she has illegally taped TV programs (Yes, it is illegal to do so in my country), taped CDs and LPs that never belonged to her and has even watched a pirated movie or two from Thailand. Yet she never drinks and has never used the Lord's name in vain. Nonetheless, after your careful advice, I will reconsider her and the other company I keep (including the nefarious deadlyfingers; you should stay away from him). Clearly, you know what the majority does and the majority

If I did say "check mate" (I did, didn't I? Otherwise a stickler like you would surely not have used the quotation marks), I have indeed been bested by you and your Pritikin ways. I apologise for suggesting that you had ever done anything unethical when it comes to products protected by copyright, licence or lending. I trust that you said a few hail Mary's in 1980 to expel the demons that ravaged your soul.

Of course, I would ask you to reconsider the justification of Stereolab restarting careers as acceptable use of other people's work. Whilst many a career has been boosted by those who take without permission, it does not make taking without permission acceptable, especially not in your Utopia. For should you allow promotion as grounds for stealing then many an illegal downloader could claim that there downloads have influenced others to purchase the product. I am afraid - for you - you cannot tolerate any unauthorised use of copyright material whether it be for good or bad.

And of course, if you think some Stereolab tracks are simply "influenced" by others and not plagiarism, you should probably become George Harrison's lawyer as he was done over for much less.

I note that your answer to b and g was a legal response rather than a statement of your ethics or behaviour. But given your fiercely legal mindset, I will take that as meaning that you have indeed refused to purchase any album that did not clear all of its samples via legal teams and have never recorded anybody else's albums and spat on and crushed any mix tape a would be suitor had made for you. Again, I can only admire such devotion to ensuring every artist receives every cent of their rightful income.

And that - when you take the time to read my first post - is indeed what I was hoping to do. Despite your furious anger at my blasphemy, I indeed want to repent. I am looking not to sin. I know I was foolish to ask for assistance in this task without feeling God's mighty wrath at the same time but I had hoped to be welcomed with open arms by the good flock of people such as yourself. Rest assured, I have done my penance and come again to you wearing this crown of thorns in search of the answer. I do have a choice, a choice not to steal and so I won't. Please teach me where I can buy a wide range of music in an electronic format without using itunes.

Finally, the milk crate is indeed a commonly stolen item in this country. Dairies all over the country lose their crates to those who have a stack of vinyl. Call me crazy, but it's true.

Mar 01, 2013, 05:50


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