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SNL Vs. A Typical Letterman Show
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SNL Vs. A Typical Letterman Show

This might be a US-Centric topic but I might chuckle more or even slap my knee like an old man watching David Letterman each night vs. watching Saturday Night Live.

As it pertains to SNL: these cats are totally hilarious. Fantastic actors and comics. I'm going to try to curtail my Chicago-Centricness on the forum but SNL is all Second City and it would have never been if not for.

The SNL folks (IMNSHO) have the potential to bust my gut more but they do so in way smaller increments as before and they do just ONE NIGHT each week. Contrast that to David Letterman.

I grew up with both, be it Belushi and even Carson before Letterman on NBC. I can divide SNL into many different phases and the same applies to Letterman in many different Cobras. The former was hilarious albeit groundbreaking, but only the later remains funny enough to work.

It's the writing is it not? Or to a greater extent, after the strike of 1988, it seemed that certain shows made it through and certain others did not. Or even certain formats exploded while others died.

I don't know. . .your thoughts are truly a great thing that I dig. Speaking of which, I really do dig being here. This is good shit. If it evaporated, the clouds wouldn't be the same. Love communicating with you cats.


Feb 04, 2009, 05:52


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