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Re: Guns

I will never own a gun, and have been horrified for many years of the gun culture in this country. Even if, as many on the other side of the argument say, gun regulations won't solve our problems, I believe strongly that we should have as many regulations as we can, while still doing more to help our other problems that cause these things. Mental health, poverty, violence and how it's depicted in the media, all things that need a lot of work in our society. It's not an either/or argument.

But on guns, re-pass the assault weapon ban, have strict background checks for every person who buys a gun, and other things. We regulate humans in many ways for our own safety, seems like lethal weapons should be one of them.

That town in Connecticut had a lot of gun culture, whether it was related or not, it existed there. And the mother of the 20 year old with difficulties, owned 3 guns which he gained access to somehow and used.

Dec 17, 2012, 21:00


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