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Re: Guns

cyberpainter wrote:
GaryB2 wrote:
wracket wrote:
GaryB2 wrote:
So, you think the shooter would still have gone to the school knowing the teachers and pupils would be armed?

I would be afraid to pick up my kid from an elementary school where there are gun-toting pupils!

The US needs to institute laws like those in Canada (or perhaps Australia, though not as familiar with them). Pandora's Box is firmly jammed open as regards to the gun culture, but there is simply no explanation for why anything more lethal than a .22 rifle needs to be bought by any citizen for any reason.

Indeed. I'd never send my kids to a school like that.

I'm afraid that the gun culture in the USA is too ingrained to see real change any time soon. People either love guns and the peace of mind they afford, or they are libertarians defending people's constitutional rights to bear arms. Very tricky!

Bizarrely, I'm not even sure guns are the real problem here. For whatever reason these outcast loonies feel the need to got out with a bang, with each event seemingly inspiring a later equally outrageous event. I'm not even sure 'gun control' would prevent these heinous acts.

There was a heinous school massacre in Scotland in the 90's, with very strict gun control enacted soon after that. I believe you can't even own a handgun, is that correct? Do you think it had any effect there? I doubt you had the "gun culture" there to begin with...

I really don't know what our gun laws are. But you are right, we don't have a gun culture as such. I remember my dad owning a rifle type thing in the early 80s and he handed it in to the local police station during an amnesty. There used to be a Rifle Club in my home town but it closed a long time ago. It's only really farmers I can think of that keep guns.

I'm sure that guns can be bought if you know the right kind of folks so I am sure that another 'Dunblane' could happen.

Dec 19, 2012, 08:09


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