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Re: God

I don't know about all that but I do know that Jesus loves you, nothing to do with knowledge just that he simply gave up his life so you don't have to stumble about in the darkness trying to work out God for yourself, it's about love, and God is love and has shown us this in dying for us on the cross, this transcends all so called knowledge and it takes humility to admit that we have got it all wrong and to ask for his forgiveness, but if you ever should ask then you will see and understand the absolute truth and how simple and uncomplicated it really is, we are lost children who need to come back to their Father and accept his love, when we do we can see exactly what is wrong with the world i.e. that people have chosen the love of knowledge and worship of themselves as little gods instead of accepting the one true God and creator of us all regardless of race colour or creed, this message of love sounds like foolishness to a dying world that's trying to save itself, but as I said before if we accept the simple fact that God loves us and admit that we've screwed up and got it wrong then the light comes on and for the first time we see clearly.
Happy New Year.

Dec 31, 2012, 16:56


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