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Re: God

The blood sacrifice of Christ was required because the very essence of what life is, the central life force itself is contained in the blood.
Sin is a disease that we are born in to, it's passed from one generation to the next, it's in our blood, Jesus Christ had no sin and therefore his sacrifice (horrific though it was) was pure and untainted by sin and therefore acceptable to God.
There is no sin in God nor darkness nor evil, God is absolute purity and love, and this is why the sacrifice had to be pure and untainted.
God loved us so much that he gave his only son up as a sacrifice for sin, when we take this by faith and admit we need saving from sin then the light comes on and we see clearly, as far as God is concerned when we believe in Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection we have passed through judgement and in to life, because God is completely satisfied with Jesus sacrifice he imputes all the benefits of that to us.
Sounds mad doesn't it? which is exactly what I thought when I first heard it, but it truly is good news, God loves us hugely, so much so that he gave up his only son to die for us, if you ask you will receive and understand.
God bless you, Joe

Jan 09, 2013, 13:28


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