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Re: God

lereostab wrote:
Sorry man, I wasn't doing time and never have thankfully.
I was in a pokey little bedsit in Southampton early January 1994 when I first heard how much Jesus loved me, and not long after that I became a Christian, not because I said some words or made a mental decision about it, but because I saw the full horror of the dark state of my soul and the sin that kept it a prisoner with lies and self righteousness, and I saw this terrifying fallen world with all it's greed, violence and awful suffering and my inability to do anything about it, and I realised that I would be held accountable for my life and the deeds I'd committed, I understood that nothing I did or said would save me from the light of God's true judgement so I cried out for him to save me as I could not save myself, and he did by allowing me to see the importance of the sacrifice of Jesus in my place and that when I simply turned to him in faith and asked for his forgiveness I received it fully, I now know that I have passed from judgement in to real life because of Jesus.
This isn't a matter of choice, it makes no difference what people say as they slag God off with their clever arguments and try to prove he doesn't exist, every man and woman will face judgement and outside of Christ will not have a leg to stand on, yes even Richard Dawkins will face judgement, bitterly.
Those last few moments before physical death occurs are when people finally realise they were wrong their whole lives as the full horror of the darkness and what lives inside of it comes to claim what belongs to it, Christ saves us from this horror forever.
Political correctness is evil as it tries to deny absolute truth, there is one absolute truth and that truth is that we need Jesus Christ to save us.
Ask and you will receive, God loves you very much and I hope you will see this fully one day soon.

If you want to get into this, at least it's in the thread called "God". But yeah a lot of what you write I find quite repellant. I am not saying I don't believe in god, and have respect for people who believe in god. I'm more of an agnostic, as I've written before. But some of what you say is so... ugh.

First about this statement, "face judgement and outside of Christ will not have a leg to stand on". Are you really that naive to not know of all the other religions in the world? Could you and the likes of you be any more self-involved not to understand the validity of other religions that don't have Jesus? It is so simplistic. But that brings me to my second point.

The whole being saved by something outside yourself, and how you couldn't do it yourself... I always find to be bull. Having the consequences for a bad life be explained by the simplistic heaven and hell scenario and being "saved" is a great motivator for some people. Weak individuals find comfort and ability to change because of something simple that they can understand. Or.. the person could have become a better person because of their own will to do so. Any reasons that help are fine, as long as they don't look at others and say what you're saying. Basically that "I will be saved, but you will not because your beliefs differ". Please, you always had the ability inside yourself to be a good person. The trappings of religion are just an easy way to explain things for certain people. It's just window dressing and sometimes, over our history, it hasn't always been a good thing.

Political correctness is evil. Boy that's a doozy.

Jan 11, 2013, 19:33


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