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Re: God

You say that you find a lot of what I said to be repellent, who said that it was supposed to be appealing? things that appeal or don't appeal to us are matters of the intellect and ego, I'm talking about the sick state of the human soul and it's need of salvation and the simple loving remedy that God has given for it, if you can't see the desperate lost state of your soul yet then of course you'll find God's message repellent, but it's pride that causes you to see it that way at the present time.
The biggest stumbling block is that people can't bear to be told that there is nothing good in and of themselves, and in answer to your question, no and absolutely no there was never the ability within me to be a good person, and besides good is so often just pride and self righteousness dressed up and blowing it's own trumpet albeit quietly sometimes, I'm talking more about life and death not good and evil, God is not adding up your good deeds and then weighing them against your bad deeds, if that was the case then life would be a ridiculous and pathetic contest of seeing who can be the best at everything, which sadly is how many people live, no, everyone is in the same boat and God offers his love and salvation through Jesus death and resurrection to all who simply see their need of it, regardless of how good or evil you may have been.
Again I say if you can't see your need of salvation at this present time and think that being a good person is what life's about then ok, of course God's message will not appeal to you, nevertheless I will continue to tell you that God loves you very much and that he has provided the way in which your soul can be saved for ever, so it's not about good and evil, it's not about going to church or praying lots or reading the scriptures every day, it's about one thing only, love, God created us in love, and we've wandered far from his loving care but he has made the way open for us to come home to the eternal bliss he always intended for his children.
God bless you, Joe

Jan 12, 2013, 16:33


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