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Re: God

The word Christian has been so misused, Jesus never referred to his followers as Christians, and unfortunately the word has become synonymous with right wing political Americans who in my opinion are some of the most repulsive people on the planet because they use God's name to achieve their stupid political ideals, which are as repulsive to God as they are to me, God hates no man or woman at all, he hates sin not sinners, he loves us all immensely and doesn't want anyone to die without knowing him, and the only way to know God is through faith in Jesus Christ, this is the only way God has given to humankind to come back in to relationship with him, other religions say they know but if you look deeply no other religion states so clearly what is wrong with the world and very clearly tells us what to do about it.
There is always a consequence for our actions, the consequence of refusing God's loving offer of salvation is to spend eternity separated from him, that is what hell is, eternity without love, peace, health, joy and truth because God is all those things, people argue that they can be good in what they perceive to be their own strength not realising where goodness originated and that they were made in God's image in the first place.
The arguments are endless and the confusion that results from these arguments leads people to believe all kinds of things about themselves, and when they see Christians taking political sides as is so popular in America they rightly are repulsed by this, again I say God hates no one but there is a very definite consequence of not responding to his offer of salvation, he gives us the choice.
The message is simple God loves you a whole lot and wants you to know the fullness of his amazing love, you can know this by simply believing the good news about Jesus Christ, I hope and pray that God draws you closer and closer to the truth of this, cheers, Joe

Jan 12, 2013, 19:40


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