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Re: God

lereostab wrote:
You say that you find a lot of what I said to be repellent, who said that it was supposed to be appealing? things that appeal or don't appeal to us are matters of the intellect and ego, I'm talking about the sick state of the human soul and it's need of salvation and the simple loving remedy that God has given for it, if you can't see the desperate lost state of your soul yet then of course you'll find God's message repellent, but it's pride that causes you to see it that way at the present time.

Yeah, no. I do not have any desperate lost state, and your stating that I do because I don't conform to your religious beliefs doesn't make it so. That's your ego talking, not mine. What I find repellant is the concept that some people think their religion is the only one that is really really real. The others just aren't going to cut it because they don't have the particular prophet they do.

lereostab wrote:
The word Christian has been so misused, Jesus never referred to his followers as Christians, and unfortunately the word has become synonymous with right wing political Americans who in my opinion are some of the most repulsive people on the planet because they use God's name to achieve their stupid political ideals, which are as repulsive to God as they are to me, God hates no man or woman at all, he hates sin not sinners, he loves us all immensely and doesn't want anyone to die without knowing him, and the only way to know God is through faith in Jesus Christ, this is the only way God has given to humankind to come back in to relationship with him, other religions say they know but if you look deeply no other religion states so clearly what is wrong with the world and very clearly tells us what to do about it.

I think your heart is in the right place, but your view of religion doesn't differ very much from the political people repulsive to you. They choose to act out their mentality about their religion to promote other views. I think politically you and I are not that far apart. But those people we both don't agree with also think their own prophet Jesus is the only one of importance. It's all too easy for some of them to look down on other religions (and thus people) as people who need help from the one and only religion that can give them the kind of salvation dictated by their religion. "Other religions say they know but..." Since you keep repeating this view obviously nothing I say will get you to look at it from my perspective, that this idea shows a lack of awareness of the rich diversity of cultures and religions on this earth. My view might be seen as politically correct, thus apparently evil. The pronouncement of "evil" is so often used to make an argument seem valid. Used by religions through human's turbulent history.

Jan 12, 2013, 21:07


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