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Re: God

Thanks man.
You asked what am I up to? interesting question and it's made me think about it as I normally just go along taking each day as it comes, I think you're asking about what the world terms 'radical' stuff, well as far as being in Christ goes I have been asked to leave 2 churches because of my insistence about God's love and life in us instead of the importance of the particular church doctrines, 2 other churches I left because of 1/ extreme right wing doctrine 2/ Extreme charismatic doctrines.
It's not about doctrine for me but about God's love for people, I do support various organisations that show the practical love of God i.e. physical needs and comfort in extreme circumstances.
Is this what you meant?
The church we currently attend are very loving and accepting of differences of opinion, which is great for us as we've not experienced that in a church before (when I say we I mean my wife, son and I)
Many Christians seem to have a problem with the way I speak about God, I believe it's because I don't fit in with their idea of what a Christian should be like, but maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's something else.
Jesus is here today, he is here in every believer trying to live his life through them as he promised he would, the problems arise when we put doctrines as more important than the actual life of Christ in us.
Jesus rose from the dead and lives on in his people, he never left.
Their are many 'radical' Christians today, you'll find them in places like Palestine and various parts of Africa, and many other war zones and places where the love of God is being shown practically (I'm not saying that only Christians do this kind of work,before anyone jumps down my throat).
I'm a family man so my responsibilities lie there first and foremost, I don't know if I've answered your questions very well or not.
Anyway, God loves you as you will find out if you ask him earnestly, take care, cheers, Joe

Jan 12, 2013, 23:34


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