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Re: God

lereostab wrote:
To say that there are many paths to God then surely you need to know who God is and where he is, because to undertake any journey you must know where you are going and that the place you are going to is real and exists, otherwise the journey is pointless.
Why would God hide himself and make it really difficult to find your way to him?
He has given really clear instructions on how to come to him that the simplest person can understand easily.
Christians are hated because they are saying that God has revealed himself to us in the form of the man Jesus Christ and that there is no other way to know God outside of Christ, all other ways are deception and lies, this is also why Jesus was hated and murdered, no other religion states so clearly and with such brutal honesty the way to find God and what is wrong with the world, this approach wins nothing in the popularity stakes because it sounds offensive to the human mind, but why would God not challenge us? other religions (with the exception of Islam) try to be very nice and inoffensive so people are naturally attracted to these supposedly easier ways, but even psychologists will tell you that unless we are challenged about our behaviour and attitudes they never change.
Trying to get to know God without the person of Jesus Christ is a bottomless chasm, but again I say if anyone knows of some other way to enter in to a personal and loving relationship with God then let me know.
Because he loves us God has not hidden himself behind mystical rituals that only the chosen ones can perform, he has not insisted that we be really good people(if we had to be good all the time I would be doomed) he simply says to admit that we need him, swallow your pride and say you're sorry to God and you'll be forgiven all your sin and you'll know him then for the powerful and loving creator that he really is, what have you got to lose? if you do it earnestly from your heart you will know the truth and be set free from the things that bind you in this life.
Jesus really does love you, Joe

First of all I'm trying to have a philosophical discussion with you, not a discussion about me personally being "saved".

Secondly, no one is "hating" Christians in this discussion. But your religious interpretations are simplistic, a bit insulting and vaguely bigoted toward other religions, and naive. It's not Christianity, it's you. So I'm done here. I'm not angry about anything, just that there is no movement in either direction, so we might as well stop.

Jan 14, 2013, 07:37


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