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Re: God

It sounds great, but in practice people don't actually want to change what they do. You're right about the consumer religion though, don't dare question peoples right to buy! buy! buy!
The most radical idea these days is that there is only one way to God and that's through Jesus Christ, this offends people to their very core and injures their pride, no one wants to submit and give up, it goes against the culture of the west and what we are taught at school, namely that we are better than any one else and if any one gets in my way then "I'll show 'em" and if we're not the best (or at least trying to be the best) then we are useless losers, because of this attitude we have countries like Britain and America who have tried (Britain) or are still trying (America) to impose what they say they believe is the right thing on any country that disagree's with them, so they try to brainwash us (often successfully) with concepts like democracy whilst all the time they are bullying, lying, stealing and destroying any thing that might expose their lies, 99% of the time the reasons are greed and the need to be in control.
So in to this mess of a world I and many others come with the message that God loves everybody and is willing to save them from all this crap, Christ is no fool, his eyes are wide open to what's going on of course, but it would seem that most folk are to busy these days to take the time and actually put it in to practice and see if it's true, either that or the message is too offensive to certain sensibilities, the fact that it is offensive shows that this is a message with balls, because the truth is the truth is the truth and nothing will ever change the fact that God loves you and died for you on the cross and rose from the dead so that you would not have to face conscious eternal death and separation from him, what a message! what an amazing creator! what deep and abiding love! wow!!
but hey! never mind all that let's go shopping and make up our own God, you know one that we're comfortable with and doesn't offend any one.
God bless you man, love Joe

Jan 18, 2013, 02:31


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