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Re: God

lereostab wrote:
it goes against the culture of the west and what we are taught at school, namely that we are better than any one else

But aren't you doing this to some extent as well, by denying that there is any other way to I'm not sure what (salvation?) than Jesus? I think we all do it though, we all think we're right, obviously, otherwise we'd think something else. And we want to enlighten everyone else with our superior understanding of things, maybe it's a power and control thing deep down, trying to influence other people. But there's also wanting to share something that has value for us with others, like how music is shared on the forum. Hard to know what our real motivations are. What was my point again. What's the point of living in this less than perfect world if you're going to heaven in the end? If it really is such a happy ending, does anything on this little dot matter at all? (Or even without the happy ending come to think of it). If you're right then nothing at all matters except accepting Jesus, which is the proselytising thing, rather than trying to challenge injustices or whatever, very convenient for the powerful don't you think?

Jan 20, 2013, 01:08


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