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Re: God

lereostab wrote:
Thanks for replying.

God really really loves you and wants you to know his love deeply and personally and the way to receive this amazing love is to simply tell God that you're sorry for your sin, ask his forgiveness and thank him that Jesus died for you.
There is no question in my mind that if you do this earnestly from the heart then you will know what I'm on about all the time, because once you have experienced his wonderful love you won't be able to shut up about it.
God bless you, love Joe

Thanks Joe. I am quite familiar with the Bible actually, Catholic upbringing, kind of. (if Jesus came back and saw Vatican City and the Pope on his balcony in all his finery, wander what he'd say about it. Back to smashing the money-lenders' tables in the temple, I reckon)((you wouldn't believe the kind of rubbish Catholics are indoctrinated with, it's astounding. Although a very influential person in my life was a devout Catholic, he said he needed the ritual, he was an amazing guy too)).
I don't think Paul did this though, it didn't come from him, it came from God in what they call Grace, wasn't it? I could try to do as you say, but without God's grace it ain't gonna happen, so why is God so fickle in his favours? Did your experience come from you?
But you're right. I will try harder. Actually i have had some experiences maybe a bit like that, in the midst of the overwhelming indifference from the universe that is my basic setting. Interconnectedness and love. But even an indifferent universe is still an awe-inspiring one. I love those Hubble photos.

Jan 23, 2013, 21:52


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