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Re: God

I have no idea how, maybe he was inspired by God, but as a young lad (22 or something, round about, I think) he figured out that time and space are not independent but are connected in a profound way. It's pretty mind-boggling when you think about it - you might want to interpret it as the beauty and complexity of God's creation, including the human mind and imagination. Experiments have proven he was right. He just figured it out using maths, and imagining himself sitting on a beam of light, or something. The faster you go, the slower time passes, until you reach the speed of light which they think is the max possible speed although sci-fi geeks just ignore this little detail. So light is kind of timeless, I think, time just stands still for it. I wonder if it's always trying to go faster than light speed but as soon as it does it goes back in time to the point when it was at light speed. They tested it using atomic clocks and high speed aircraft - one clock on the ground, one in the plane, and the one in the plane is a bit behind the other one by the end because it's ticking slightly slower. Try and imagine, it's crazy.
And gravity is the warping of space-time. And what you experience depends on your perspective, everything is relative to your particulr position (relativity).
He had great hair too. And was a real dreamer and idealist and peacenik, hurray for people like that.

Jan 23, 2013, 22:11


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