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Re: God

Hi again, thanks for getting back to me, it's appreciated.
I've never really understood what the Pope and all the Vatican stuff was about to be honest, a lot of it seems to be guilt based to me, but I've read some excellent books by some Catholic mystics, Anthony De Mello comes to mind, Michael Molinos and Madame Guyon.
Sorry if it seemed I was saying that Paul did it himself, that wasn't my intention, God is absolutely sovereign in all things and He chose to give Paul that revelation of Jesus, there's a fine line between free will and predestination and I feel both are active in the believers walk, the foundation of it all is ( as you said ) grace and grace and then some more grace, how and why God does things is often mysterious to us but I believe that all His actions are deeply rooted in His love for His people, if we ask we receive, if we seek we find, if we knock then the door will be opened to us, God's not fickle.
My conversion did not come from me, it was straight from God's heart and as I said before when I was confronted with His amazing love and His acceptance of me even with all my sin, His grace overwhelmed me and I could not refuse.
I had been searching for something but I didn't know what I was looking for, I just had an intense feeling that something was desperately wrong, I found out that Christ was what was missing, I had followed Zen teachings and Buddhism for many years but still there was this unsatisfied incompleteness inside of me which was only able to be satisfied in Jesus.
So to sum up, we can't save ourselves, but we respond to what God shows us and says to us with the grace He gives us,
I firmly believe that if we keep on asking and keep on seeking we find the absolute truth of life the universe and everything, it's Jesus Christ, He is the all in all, everything that exists has it's existence because of Him and one day all of creation will know and understand this fact.
So I keep telling people how much He loves them, some respond straight away, some see it years later, the who and when and hows of salvation I cannot fathom completely, but I know God loves the people of His world more than we ever could comprehend.
Remember that He loves you and that it's by grace that we are saved and not by our works, all our guilt and shame was taken up on the cross and destroyed, when we accept that, we can approach God with out fear, but rather as our loving heavenly Father.
God bless you and keep you and I pray that you will know how much He loves you just for who you are, we are all sinners, God loves sinners and hates the sin, why? because sin hurts us so much.
Take care, love Joe.

Jan 24, 2013, 02:06


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