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Re: God

lereostab wrote:
God existed before the universe did, God has always been, He has no beginning and no end, He is eternal, that's what eternal means.

Actually I happen to "know" (better source than yours) that your god did not exist before the universe and is, in fact, a rather recent (in cosmic terms) invention of pre-scientific Man.

But here's the catch--it doesn't matter which one of us is right (I am). You clearly believe what you believe because you need to--to get through the day (and dark, guilt-ridden night), to somehow cancel out all those horrible things you did to all those puppies in your youth (pure speculation)...yet you won't save us and we won't save you (from making a fool of yourself).

You speak as if you know metaphysical Truths but Joe, love-ly Joe, you don't even know basic English grammar. Most people on the message "bored" (*insert groan*) have been bored by your types before and we will be bored by them again, but since even you would admit that your god isn't going to come down from his cotton candy perch to settle this, why don't we all just admit that you are an utter bore and each and every one of us (me included) who has bothered to engage you is an even more inexcusable bore (what, with all those functioning frontal lobe cells and all) and, for Christ's sake, never again discuss which magical fairy-wizard we want to be when we grow up?

(Too much?)

Jan 27, 2013, 02:06


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