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Re: God

Nope, you're wrong, God did exist before the universe, and what exists doesn't need to be invented.
Pre - scientific man, sounds like a crap b movie and is such a vague concept it's pointless.
I have absolutely no "need" to believe in God, the truth is that it's impossible for me not to believe in God, you will understand this one day.
I don't suffer with guilt because that was dealt with 100% through Jesus's death and resurrection, and I didn't hurt any puppies.
Yes, you're right about this one thing, I won't save you because only God can save you, you'll realise this when sin has had it's way with you and you can't take it any more, the time will come when you'll realise how much you need Jesus and how much He really loves you, you can kick and scream against it until the cows come home, but He loves you so much He will go to extraordinary lengths to save you, just wait and see.

I? dont, particularly!! care. about (grammar) either'<.
It's common practice to capitalise He and His when talking about God.
And lastly, I'm not even slightly interested whether people think I'm boring or not, I have a message and I'll continue to give that message wherever I can..
So Wracket, lovely Wracket remember that Jesus loves you with all His heart, whether you like it or not,
take care, love, Joe

Jan 27, 2013, 22:39


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