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Re: God

I remember a while ago you saying about once you've felt God's amazing love you won't be able to stop telling everyone about it. I'm curious, do you feel this love all the time, or a lot of the time? Or just when you think about it?
One thing I have never understood, if God is Love as they say then where does all the rest of it come from? Why can't we just all be unified with God in eternity like yoga of the Hindus and avoid all this crap here on earth, much more efficient. What is the purpose of the separation from God that he has forced upon us, presumably, being omnipotent and all? Seems kind of sadistic to me, sorry if that offends you. But maybe that's what they mean when they say God works in mysterious ways. Bloody hell, I'll say.

Feb 03, 2013, 01:49


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