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Re: God

wracket wrote:
lereostab wrote:
God existed before the universe did, God has always been, He has no beginning and no end, He is eternal, that's what eternal means.

Actually I happen to "know" (better source than yours) that your god did not exist before the universe and is, in fact, a rather recent (in cosmic terms) invention of pre-scientific Man.

What's the source you're referring to?
I don't find him boring at all. It's all part of the human experience, isn't it? And since we are just pretty stupid "higher" apes (albeit with moments of inspiration), how can something with a brain that fits comfortably in a small dish pretend to know anything about the deeper reality of things. I think mystical experiences might very well just be hallucinations, misfiring of neurons and stuff like that, something that can be entirely explained by science. But they might not be, and maybe Joe experiences something that we don't (although I think i have experienced sth similar), and it's real, not just faulty wiring. How can this be disproved? We are ignorant when it comes to things like this. Although all the Jesus son of God stuff I don't believe, he was just a shit-stirrer I think, good on him, but that's details, it's the experience that's interesting. I disagree with the certainty about it all, but it's understandable. Wanting to know and knowing you'll never know is uncomfortable.

Feb 03, 2013, 02:13


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