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Happy new lucky year number 2013
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Happy new lucky year number 2013

Sorry if this harshes your morning/evening/midnight mellow, but good riddence 2012. See you in 2013, assuming we don't fall off a fiscal cliff or smash into debt ceilings or financial meltdowns, perfect storms, blah. Interesting how climate change seems to be treated like some harmless practical joke by comparison. Maybe we should tell our representatives, don't bother with the arguing, just get together every so often, have a good laugh together ("By 2050!" "Ha ha ha, yes! That's right!"), and then back to business till next time.
What if shunning plastic bags and buying Fairtrade isn't enough? Rio 2012 was a hilarious joke, definitely, but at some point we should stop laughing. Occupy Everything? That's one idea.
Ever wonder how things go viral? Apparently it starts with just a few people

Dec 31, 2012, 04:10