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Which Stereolab songs can you play at an average dance party?
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Re: Which Stereolab songs can you play at an average dance party?

Okay, so maybe I've been to some unsophisticated parties, but I cannot imagine people dancing enthusiastically to Miss Modular. I guess if it's the only song playing, then it's danceable enough to anyone really intent on dancing. Otherwise, it's one of those songs I imagine only pretty nerdy chicks micro-dancing to. It's not an ass-shaker.

Margerine Melodie is a little more like it, but still a bit too subtle for, say, drunk people busting a move on a cramped kitchen floor.

Soop Groove is danceable, technically speaking. People once danced to Bennie and the Jets, so why not. But I'm not surprised that some people don't like it for dancing purposes, and I don't blame them.

Cybele is danceable, albeit a little awkward and sad.

Rainshine is a good one, except for the dance-destroying middle. Any song with a bridge like that is disqualified.

Kyberneticka is a great choice, very danceable! I don't really see how it is so difficult, maybe to the ears of jocks. But I can totally see a living room or basement of folks tripping on ecstasy dancing to this.

Ping Pong seems a little too...jerky and flaccid?

One that I forgot is Percolator, although maybe only for professional dancers who can find the right beat to sync with.

Oh, and Metronomic Underground, if it's a hip-hop crowd?

Jan 15, 2013, 23:15


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