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Which Stereolab songs can you play at an average dance party?
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Re: Which Stereolab songs can you play at an average dance party?

101 wrote:
average meaning normal? Normal = the average of all the abnormals

Sure, lol. Here's what I mean: Not a nerd party with people who only wiggle their shoulders a little while sitting on a couch or who get up to dance only for the irony. So, a party-party. Where un-nerdy people get shitfaced and dance with mindless glee. Where the soundtrack might otherwise be, say, "Now That's What I Call Music" or whatever the top 10 club hits are at any given moment.

Mass Riff still wins, in my opinion, as the most danceable. Hard to be undanceable, when it's basically a disco track. And it'd be an appropriate winner, given the seeming goal of the song, to enlighten and empower the masses. "The masses" are those people who don't have the foggiest fucking clue who Stereolab is, lol. To get them to become interested, there's nothing better than a song that's irresistible to dance to for non-Lab fans and musical unsophisticates. And, unfortunately, there aren't many such Stereolab songs. I get the feeling, actually, based on the lyrics and the choice of disco and the song's title, that Mass Riff was explicitly designed to be that kind of song, a song that could stir the asses (if not hearts and minds) of normal people.

Dec 30, 2013, 01:36


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