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Shopping and dropping
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Shopping and dropping

So we're merrily shopping while people are treated like machines in order to produce it for us as cheaply as possible.
Apple's got bigger cash reserves than the US Treasury now(does that make it a virtual country?). It makes fat profits and is therefore King of the World and all hail Steve Jobs. You can probably just google Foxconn if you don't know about the conditions under which some of our nifty gadgets are manufactured.
I'm sick of the ideology that pretends that it doesn't matter how you make money. It's just barbarism dressed up in an expensive suit. What's the point of civilisation, the information age, education etc, if we just stick our heads in the sand about this. Fight the distraction.
Apparently Britain's GDP fell 10% when it abolished slavery. We seem to live in a time when anything that will lower GDP or cut profits is unthinkable. So much for that "bold and innovative thinking" the business leaders are forever harping on about. It won't be long before we're sacrificing virgins to this machine with no brakes.
Does anyone else think about things like this? What do you think, and what do we do?

Jan 16, 2013, 02:17


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