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Shopping and dropping
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Re: Shopping and dropping

GaryB2 wrote:
I'm excited to see what country will supply the cheap labour once China's workers start demanding a fair wage.

China is full of people getting seriously agitated about the lack of labour/environmental laws, despite the risks they take by standing up to their leaders. The main manufacturing province in China, forget the name, was set to go off (apparently, T/F i don't know) and the local govt officials wanted to allow unions and set some basic standards, and guess what, western corporations lobbyed like crazy to stop it. I;m sick of these amoral money-making monsters that have more power (though hidden) than most the countries in this world shitting on anything even remotely decent or fair. Again, what the hell do we do?
But depending on where you get your news, China is also full of people so happy to have jobs, thank you western consumers. And lots of benevolent Chinese billionaires too.

Jan 20, 2013, 02:03


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