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Shopping and dropping
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Re: Shopping and dropping

101 wrote:
I know, me too. But you're talking about the individualist response we've all been brainwashed with. It's an odious lie - just inform all the consumers (yeah right) and trust they will make the right decision as individuals. It's complete bs. Everyone knows they should take the bus or whatever but that entails an immediate sacrifice for me and an immediate benefit for you - it's not gonna happen. I've done the opt-out thing but that only gets us so far; need to actually challenge it. So I think those of us that actually give a shit need to start rarking things up a bit. For me Occupy is a really promising movement; that's why it's dismissed with such scorn. It's a threat, or a potential threat. We need to get together the hard, old-fashioned way and make our voices heard. That's always been the most/only effective way, get the rabble on the streets. But we're all too busy with our entertainment? Amusing ourselves to death?

Well I take action in my own way with continually trying to learn and read and let others know what I have learned. I do what I feel I can, even if I'm not out there on the street with occupy or another movement. People have various abilities to filter what they feel is "true" from what is what you call brainwashing. We all filter through our own experiences and biases, but if you have a rational mind and use it on a regular basis, hopefully you can make some headway, no pun intended.

Jan 20, 2013, 04:55


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