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Shopping and dropping
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Re: Shopping and dropping

cyberpainter wrote:
What do you do 101? I've been to plenty of protests over the years, though I haven't been out on the street for quite a long while. Somehow protests around here seem to get out of hand and don't accomplish much at this point in time. I was rooting for the occupy movement but locally it strayed from a path I agreed with, or just was more chaotic. I always vote, sign scads of petitions, contribute, write to a dozen or so politicians a year about my views, continually spout off to others and write about my views, try to educate myself, live my life in as good a way as I can.

If you want to get more politically active than that, say exactly what it is you're doing, instead of criticizing me. Go out and fight for your issues by joining a group that has a plan, or whatever you want to do. I belong to quite a few, contribute a little money to those I think have the right ideas and approach. Can't afford much at the moment though. So tell us what you are doing.

I know politics and different issues can seem hopeless and discouraging, but the more you learn, the more you understand the big picture down to the smaller details. The more people know, the less they make generalizations and lump a variety of things together.

What you're doing is great, and I didn't mean to critisize you personally. It's hard to communicate like this, I'm not actually this foaming at the mouth radical that I might come across as in my rantings. I'm a mild person in reality, but I am passionate about these things, I am worried, and I think we can do better than this. I understand why things are the way they are I think - people just slot into systems becasue they know they can take the moral highgound, but that will be career suicide or whatever for them and there's 100 other people lining up to take their place. So they go along with it, if you can't beat 'em join 'em.

I just don't think what we're doing is enough. I don't know what to do, actually. There are too few of us. We need to popularise this, instead of it being just a few people who actually take the time to write to politicians or whatever. Does it actually change anything? To me it's just a few little crumbs are tossed here and there but the fundamentals go unchallenged. I'm talking about our entire economic system, I guess - I think that is the root of the problem, and it's what needs to be taken on. It won't happen without a massive popular movement I don't think - it's too entrenched. There are economists saying much the same thing - Amartya Sen, and Mohammed Unis, and Paul Krugman; they have Nobel Prizes and are critical of this radical capitalist system we find ourselves in (I don't think I'm radical at all - the world around me seems what's really radical). and both are sites that talk about an alternative form of economics. Some economists call what is normal business practise today "ecocide", and say it should be regarded as a crime. I agree. Intergenerational theft; using up the natural capital of the earth in a selfish, greedy short-term quest for maximum profits, and to hell with future generations.

I found myself on the forum by accident really, I thought why not raise a few of these things, Stereolab is rather political after all. I don't know what the point is, we can blather away all we want but at some point we actually have to say enough is enough. Or carry on the way we are and life will go on, won't it? The Way Will be Opening, that's the idea. I studied science and I don't want to be yet another person doing their job, studying the world to death. Many scientists at Rio last year were disgusted at what happened - and then went back to their jobs, amassing more data. I wish they'd go on strike, but we've all got bills to pay, eh? Who's gonna go first? (The Coordination Problem - the first to take action is in a vulnerable position; it's fine if everyone joins in, but if not you're screwed).

So I don't know what I'm doing on this forum. i thought why not, wherever there are people, is where these ideas can be raised. But I should stick to political places, not music places, maybe.

Jan 24, 2013, 07:13


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