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Shopping and dropping
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Re: Shopping and dropping

So it's just another thread for you, Cyberpainter? Here's something for you to muse on:
"Nothing in my view is more reprehensible than those habits of mind in the intellectual that induce AVOIDANCE, that characteristic turning away from a difficult and principled position which you know to be the right one, but which you decide not to take. You do not want to appear too political; you are afraid of seeming controversial; you want to keep a reputation for being balanced, objective, moderate; your hope is to be asked back, to consult, to be on a board or prestigious committee, and so to remain within the responsible mainstream; someday you hope to get an honorary degree, a big prize, perhaps even an ambassadorship." - Edward Said, 1993 Reith lectures
That's not about you, obviously. But we need the courage of our convictions. I did attack you personally actually and I'm sorry for it. The reason is that you remind me too much of myself; I'm not a radical by nature. We get lost in the nuances and the grey areas, saying truth is difficult and complicated and who knows etc etc. I think that there are lots of people like us; we are way too moderate and we have to get radical now because the balance of evidence supports everything that Sterolab and Laetitia (haven't heard her stuff though) have been on about for two sodding decades. I've done everything you have - working within the system, while trying to be as little a part of it as possible. As an individual. And I've seen time and time again that even hundreds of people, working like dogs, raising money in cake stalls and stuff, are crushed by one person with a shit-load of money. We don't live in a democracy, despite what we're told - it's a plutocracy. We have to take it on. I'm talking revolution, dude. I share your criticisms of Occupy, so we need to Occupy Occupy, or something like it. "Normal", well-informed people who are fucking worried and want a better world. What do you think?

Jan 26, 2013, 01:45


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