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Shopping and dropping
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Re: Shopping and dropping

cyberpainter wrote:
101 wrote:
What do you think?

I think our system is very flawed, but revolution is a simplistic concept, because the replacement sounds, in your case like an incoherent confusion.

I'm not confused, and enjoy political discussion and learn more all the time. Gray areas don't bother me, it's more to work out and learn about. Nothing is simple or black and white as much as people would like life to be.

If revolution is going to happen in our country, what type of revolution would you like to see? As it is now, the people who are more fired up are the tea partiers who's views are colored by fox news propoganda and are funded by the likes of the Koch Bros. The revolution happening now is the back alley republicans trying to gerrymander whole states to disenfranchise voters. Revolution could be seen as the right wingers' war on women chipping away at their reproductive freedoms.

Revolution takes many forms.

It's not guns and lunatics in the streets that i am talking aabout. It's the difference between collective bargaining and an individual trying to negotiate a contract with a company; and that's pretty much it. Individualism is part of the problem I think - we need to get together and lay down tools, kind of thing. Because boy, that gets results like nothing else. If you are worried about the tea partiers then there is all the more reason for people like you (and me, but i'm not over there) to take a leaf out of their book and bring these issues to the fore.

I understand what you say about revolution resulting in "incoherent confusion". But I am completely convinced that we need a circuit breaker, because every set of data you care to look at suggests we are on a collision course with, i'm not sure how to put it, the "life-support systems" of this planet. I don't think that is a controversial statement. Our institutions are completely failing to pay heed. It is therefore up to us to dig our heels in and withdraw our cooperation - that's the revolution i have in mind.

Would you say that climate change is a grey area, Cyberpainter? If it isn't, then how is it possible that in the 2010s we have a massive expansion of new forms of fossil fuel extraction (ie fracking old wells and shale gas extraction) rather than scaling back of fossil fuel industries and replacement by renewables? I think we need to get together and remind our govts who the boss is, because at the moment it's the fossil fuel industry, and that is pretty well indisputable, according to the evidence. Black and white maybe, sorry about that. On that subject, check out Idle No More, if you're interested. This "revolution" is already started, believe it or not. Not everyone is enthusiastic about this materialistic, high-spped "culture" we've got going. (I was a post-grad student last year and boy has the university changed. A factory for industry. THe arts faculties barely exist anymore, funding has been slashed and given to biotech etc Anyway no one can afford to study literature or poetry or useless things like that anymore. It doesn't matter, or a bad sign?)

Feb 04, 2013, 06:13


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