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Shopping and dropping
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Re: Shopping and dropping

citizen of the earth. on the earth but not of it. What I'm describing is taking place all over. It's not just ratings agencies rating countries anymore (and why does anyone pay any attention to them anyway, after they gave Lehman Bros a AAA or whatever it was the day before it collapsed, remember that??). Now they rate universities, and the profs are under huge pressure to publish or perish - used to be a US phenomenom but it's spreading all over now, I was told. Big problem with plagiarism and faking results now, as a result. The vice-chancellor of my uni was agonising over a drop in the ranking and talking about pro-active strategies going forward, etc etc. It reminds me of the opening page of this website that always irritates me - 51st best or most influential band or whatever the hell it is? Who decided that? I imagine all the bands lined up, 1 to 100. How ridiculous. I know, I'm taking it far too seriously. It's all tonguein cheek, honestly. I've forgotten my point anyway, lucky for you. How's the Star Trek box set going? That was you wasn't it?

Feb 09, 2013, 02:15


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