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Vive Les Smiths
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Re: Vive Les Smiths

I don't know what's going on with the groop, but as far as they've told us they are taking a little pause, and therefore it is completely understandable that people like me think that it is possible that they will regroop one day. If not, they should tell us, I think. Maybe they are not in agreement over this, I have no idea. They've never been the centre of my life (although this forum just sucks you in, it's interesting), but they've been an enormous inspiration for me. I haven't heard even half of their stuff yet so I still have plenty to discover, but the songs of theirs I do know have never gotten stale; unlike most of the stuff I used to love - I think because it's just so damn amazing and original. So I don't really care; if Stereolab are indeed over as you say (how do you know this, are you one of them?) then that's fine and I completely understand.

Actually I do care. That last song on Chemical Chords, as beautiful as it is, ends too abruptly for my tastes and I hope they will do one more album to remedy that, if not more. It's an aesthetic thing for me, and aesthetics are important, particularly in this world of ugly strip malls and car parks.

Jan 26, 2013, 00:47