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Harold Bissonette wrote:
I really daren't see them live - my hearing is damaged enough already (tinitis). Shame, cos I do like 'em so...

I saw 'em three times in a week when they first reformed, it was something I'd waited years for and the shows didn't disappoint (in fact exceeded my expectations). But yeah, be sure to wear earplugs, especially at the end. You'll be fine if you invest in even a semi-decent set (the ones I used were pretty cheap, only like 15 quid from amazon or something). In Manchester there was a guy in the crowd wearing the kind of ear mufflers you would use for operating a pneumatic drill....made me a bit apprehensive when I saw that (as I already have a bit of damage too)! But in the end I found it was fine. My ears were probably ringing less than from a regular gig without earplugs, but my body was tingling! Ever since those gigs I have always used earplugs for anything remotely loud, so it was a good learning experience :)

Feb 03, 2013, 18:00


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