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GaryB2 wrote:
You must be current (or ex) SAS??
Stay safe!

Damn, my cover is blown...!
I'm going to have to kill you now :D

Yes, I am indeed a member of the elite
Stereolab Appreciation Society :)

You don't have to be military to live in the desert you's extremely peaceful here in UAE, and I am on a mission only of love :D

Music scene sucks however, unless you want to go and see stuff like "David Nutella" or "The Pitbull" (?)

Although Deep Purple are playing next week!
At a "jazz festival" headlined by that famous jazz trio, "The Script"...? Hmm, maybe I'll just give it a miss. As Ian Gillan is no doubt aware, you can't play jazz odyssey to a festival crowd!

Feb 07, 2013, 18:11


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