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Cosmos Twins wrote:
Not on first listen, no. I was quite surprised as the vinyl of Loveless (the original that is, I can't speak for any of the reissues which are reputed to be CD rips anyway) sounds a fair bit different, more....murky. But in a good way. The only thing I did notice is that Wonder 2 seems a bit underpowered somehow, but that might be familiarity or simply not playing it loudly enough!

Really love the album though, so so good and not one duff track which is amazingly rare - even Loveless had a couple.


I agree - it's a quality album. I'm going to give the CD copy to my sister. I gave her a spare Loveless recently and she's loving it - "it's a bit like Deerhunter", she says :)

Feb 28, 2013, 23:09


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