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funky bass line. Can't be bothered writing more about it

It's a shame I couldn't find the studio version of this, it's a bit crap sound quality, world's most boring video. Great protest song, hypnotic. Like the unusual rhythm. 15/16 I guess, kind of draws you along I find. Little Bushman, Trinity Roots and Fat Freddys Drop are all interconnected, same guys swapping around I think. Very loveable guys too. There's a thing on youtube under LIttle B about Parihaka (it's a festival) - passive resistance to colonisation. Heard Gandhi was inspired by it, but not sure if that's true.

Lovely sweet song i find. Like the mix of languages :) God knows what the It is she's going on about; I've been feverishly racking my brains, to no avail. maybe that's what all that stuff in Portuguese is about, revealing the mystery of the It

He's got the sexiest voice, i only know a bit of his stuff but this is my favorite, it's just goosebumps galore

This is full on nostalgia trip for me, Auto was one of the first albums i bought. I'd forgotten how much i love this song, haven't listened to it in ages. I love the stream-of-consciousness type lyrics and some of the imagery, even just the title. Beautiful orchestral arrangement, might be a bit boring without it i think. Actually i was thinking how difficult it is to evaluate a song just on its merits, it's all mixed up with where you were in your life at the time, colouring your judgement. Anyway. I feel like someone who's sneaked into a recording session of Desert Island Disks, plopped herself in front of the microphone and started blathering on uninvited. It's quite fun

Mar 06, 2013, 06:02


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