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Youtube vids increased Monty Python DVD sales by 23,000% on Amazon !!!
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Re: Youtube vids increased Monty Python DVD sales by 23,000% on Amazon !!!

Hobobachang wrote:
hito wrote:
Strangely, they don't go after radio stations and libraries

Hah, yes! I've always thought that was a bit odd. It's the easiest thing in the world to go down the library, borrow a few CDs and then copy them to i-tunes or a blank disc (or "back in the day" to cassette). You can even place a special order for things you are after which they don't have in stock, free of charge.

But woebetide anybody watching a (usually low quality) snippet of video, which might actually encourage them to purchase albums from artists they have never heard before.....

8 )

Local authorities allocate an annual budget for Public Libraries from which stock is bought (this is why some public faciities are harder done by than others but, and as you know this is the beauty of the system, items may be transferred between locations).

The point is, the item has been bought in a legitimate transaction and, just as you may loan your own genuine original of a cd, lp, tape to someone else, the library has the same privilege.

However, a library is not accountable for unlawful copying of items that are 'loaned out', any copying and sale or distribution of books, cds, tapes etc by a member of the public carries certain penalties - this is especially the case for individuals that use the library (public) stock for large scale personal profit by bulk copying (if they are 'caught' of course).

Unless someone is getting state benefits (unemployment/disability etc) it is unlikely that an item can be ordered free of charge, there is usually a nominal fee to cover administrative/transfer costs.

Radio stations pay a license fee - I'm not going into detail - a play list is generally created before it is broadcast and a 'royalty' fee is paid via an administrative process.

If a Radio station pays no license fee (pirate) then "'they'" do go after them.


Feb 12, 2009, 17:29


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