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Youtube vids increased Monty Python DVD sales by 23,000% on Amazon !!!
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Re: Youtube vids increased Monty Python DVD sales by 23,000% on Amazon !!!

Labhead wrote:
Thanks hito, I completely agree with what you're saying.

To answer revox, my original point was that I think this proves that more exposure (through Youtube or otherwise) can only help sales (if it's worth buying... if you hear or see crap, you won't want to buy it, and your money will go towards something else that you like more).

People argue that this would mean lost sales, but with a 23,000% increase, it shows that there's no such thing as bad publicity. People have free access to good quality copies without needing to purchase but choose to buy it anyway, and I don't think it was just because of what they wrote in the More Info sidepane.

Will some people choose to not buy? Of course, but it looks like more often than not, people do buy quality products regardless and even moreso when there's more access to it.

When it comes to youtube, yes I can see the low quality video clips leading to sales if people like it. That's great. However there are a lot of different issues with different kinds of art and music. I agree with some things written here and not others, and other things I'm just unsure about. Being a visual artist, I do not think it's anyone's right to copy my artwork and use is as they wish. I want them to buy my artwork. If they want to view it, whether at an exhibit or online, that's great, it's what it's for. But it is copyrighted as all artwork is, and if they try to resell it or redistribute it, I have a right to tell them to stop.

We all have a distaste for the big record corporations, from way back, for how they have treated musicians. So we are less inclined to be sympathetic if they use their power to try and stop downloading or youtube exposure. We may have a distaste for mainstream musicians for their obvious playing the corporate game to make money. Also, artists have struggled with the art industry and their treatment of artists.

But artists and musicians have a right to make money off their creations, and to try to stop others from stealing it.

I'm guilty of downloading things so I'm not above it all. But I don't think artists have to be self-less to be considered real artists. You have to be a good business person to be a full time artist.

Feb 14, 2009, 20:45


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