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Youtube vids increased Monty Python DVD sales by 23,000% on Amazon !!!
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Re: Youtube vids increased Monty Python DVD sales by 23,000% on Amazon !!!

If you create something, it is automatically copyrighted. You have rights according to the law in the US. I don't believe I'm necessarily doing something for the good of humanity by creating a work of art, I don't have that utopian an outlook, or socialistic. I live in a capitalist democracy. This is what we believe here, that you do have individual rights.

Why should I give my artwork away for free, what right do you have to take something I've toiled over?

Something that is printed is still copyrighted. The control an artist has over their work is a continual tug of war with a variety of factors in play. And artists have a tendency to get the short end of the stick.

Yes we are an echo of what came before us. But unless it is a direct copy, it is something new. Whether it's good or bad is another story.

Artists have lived off of their creativity since antiquity, it is not a modern concept. Since long before Michelangelo who could not have spent months and years on sculptures without benefactors and clients, usually the church.

Not sure how lucid I am, I just drunkenly woke up too early!

Feb 15, 2009, 12:58


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