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Stereolab cassette tapes
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Re: Stereolab cassette tapes

Hobobachang wrote:
matthew6 wrote:
what a shitty format cassette tapes were.... if you wanted to listen to just that one song it would always be at the other end of the tape.... so you would have to slowly listen to your battery weaken while you fast forwarded or rewound.... and then when you got close you would hit play at the same time so it would sound like the Chimpmunks.. so that was actually pretty cool though it probably wasn't good for the tape

Agreed, they degrade quite easily especially if not looked after. But I am actually quite nostalgic for the way the format encouraged the listener to play an album the whole way through instead of just skipping to selected tracks, something that seems to have become a thing of the past (for myself included I have to add).

The convenience of digital formats has I believe has led to a shorter attention span amongst music fans, where it's so easy now to obtain an artist's entire discography with a few clicks of a mouse....but do we ever really take the time to explore it as thoroughly as we did back in the day, when we were limited to the physical collection on hand? I think the appreciation dwindles, and we take music for granted instead of becoming properly acquainted with and growing to love our albums the way we used to.

How many of us have folders full of MP3s we downloaded but never listened to properly yet (I know I do), and possibly never will? Would this happen if they were shelves of LPs or boxes of cassettes? Probably less likely, as the quantity is limited, making us appreciate what we have all the more....blah, blah, blah :D

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that it's so easy now to acquire obscure music we would possibly never have been aware of (or make the effort to track down) without the internet, but at the same time do I really need 60,000 MP3s? Well, yeah....actually I do because my records are in a cupboard 3,500 miles away! Rant over :D

Perhaps whenever something is gained, something else is lost. I feel almost overwhelmed whenever i go on YouTube at the sheer quantity of music and information available at the click of a mouse. A nagging feeling that as a culture we will drown under the weight of all this accumulated information (or I'm projecting my own feelings onto "our culture"). I think of when I used to hesitate before I took a photo, and all the decent photos went in a photo album; with a digital camera you just click away, store them by the thousand, but who has time to look at them? I wonder what will happen with all this information that we are amassing. Slaves to our monuments? It's a wonderous and exciting development in our society, and an exhausting one. I'm not quite sure how to express it. I like the idea of a culture based more on live music than on accumulating vast collections. It's just fantasy at the moment - no one has time. Too busy exploring the delights of youTube/this forum etc??!

Mar 24, 2013, 03:00


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