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Stereolab cassette tapes
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Re: Stereolab cassette tapes

cyberpainter wrote:
101 wrote:
cyberpainter wrote:
I agree with hobo, but I'm still balancing on that line, wanting to listen to whole albums to immerse in the experience. I think when we were young listening to whole albums whether it was cassettes, or vinyl, or CDs, we would still listen to some to death, and others got barely touched because there might have been one or two songs good and the rest were not as interesting to us. I'm still that way. I have a massive amount of mp3s that aren't getting much attention, and always intend to put together playlists or mixes of the good stuff but never do. And I rarely listen on shuffle.

I'm a huge fan of shuffle. I used to listen only to the songs I really liked on an album (CDs were a dream come true for that). The impatience of youth, perhaps. Or it's completely reasonable - life is shorrt, why waste your time listening to stuff you don't like when there is so much more out there to discover? But now I find it interesting to ask myself why i don't like a particular song. Doubt I'll ever figure it out but anyway. Maybe it's just masochism

Well, when an artist create
s something, I'd like to listen to the whole thing if I can manage it, to see what they intended. Not saying I would listen that way multiple times unless it was what I like.

yeah i listen to the whole album first nowadays, in order, as they intended like you say. Usually several times with a new album. Each time you listen you get sth different from it. I'm not sure what goes on. I'm quite interested in what happens in your mind as you listen; especially how a song that you weren't particularly fussed about starts to grow on you. I've had the idea that certain elements of the song might subconsciously remind you of other songs that you love, so you conclude that you must like this song more than your initial reaction would suggest. I have no idea, it's fascinating.
Then I go for shuffle as it's amazing how you anticipate the next track, and not knowing what's coming up adds something, for me anyway. I hate listening to old albums in order.

Mar 28, 2013, 07:28


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