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Stereolab cassette tapes
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Re: Stereolab cassette tapes

101 wrote:

Perhaps whenever something is gained, something else is lost. I feel almost overwhelmed whenever i go on YouTube at the sheer quantity of music and information available at the click of a mouse. A nagging feeling that as a culture we will drown under the weight of all this accumulated information (or I'm projecting my own feelings onto "our culture"). I think of when I used to hesitate before I took a photo, and all the decent photos went in a photo album; with a digital camera you just click away, store them by the thousand, but who has time to look at them? I wonder what will happen with all this information that we are amassing. Slaves to our monuments? It's a wonderous and exciting development in our society, and an exhausting one. I'm not quite sure how to express it. I like the idea of a culture based more on live music than on accumulating vast collections. It's just fantasy at the moment - no one has time. Too busy exploring the delights of youTube/this forum etc??!

oh shut up.

But seriously. Not sure what to think about it all. I have the feeling that it's like what they say when you are really wealthy and can buy up the whole record shop, but get no pleasure from it. And you remember when you were an impoverished youth, saving your pennies for one little treasure at the 2nd hand record shop, and how much joy you had in taking it home and playing it for the first time.
So the secret is to appreciate the undoubted luxury of an entire world of music at our fingertips without losing the feeling of the excited kid with a single treasure under the arm. Maybe it just takes practice.

Mar 28, 2013, 07:36


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