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bach remedies
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Re: bach remedies

s_lush_s wrote:

she's the greatest

I think he's probably god in human form. The way he hums and and sings along to his own playing is beautiful. I'm not sure about the theory of it all, but it's kind of mathematical, or formulaic at least. You take one melody, then another voice comes in at a different interval, doing the same thing, or else the same in reverse, or other variations on the same theme, a bit like an algorithm I think. Maybe you can end up with an infinite series, based on a single simple melody. Infinity within the finite. But it's better to google it all, i don't get it. There's this book called Godel Escher Bach that I tried to read a while back, goes into stuff like this but way above my head sadly. Too much computer geeky

Thankyou Master slushs. I have contemplated the emptiness of your response. We are complex arrangements of floating atoms, tunnelling our way through space and time.

Apr 04, 2013, 07:37